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“The Circular Economy Action Plan of

the European Union”

The Event took place in Asturias (Spain) from 05/10/2021 to 06/10/2021

The aim of the event was to strengthen the European citizens participation in the rural areas in order to configure and activate European policies on Circular Economy, Green Deal and Digital Innovation, promoting socio-economic development in the small municipalities, fighting aging and depopulation, through solutions and opportunities offering by the circular economy as a generator of new opportunities, creating new value chains entailing employment and quality of life in the rural areas.

The event was organized in two parts, a plenary session focused in Circular economy with European and regional experts, and a workshop session, based on the topics proposed in the 1st Transnational Event in Croatia, dipping into that issues (Depopulation and Local Development; New European Bauhaus, and Citizens Participation and Green Economy.) The event was close with a Visit of good practices in Circular Economy

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