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Finding Inspiration in Alternative Green Areas for Rural Europe

The project’s aim to strengthen the involvement of rural citizens in the European Union in shaping policies and taking actions for the well-being of the rural communities. 


Our Activities

In the project, 9 entities from 9 different EU countries will instaure during this 18 months project a wide range of activities at both local and transnational levels in order to promote two things: the European citizenship in rural areas and to boost citizen’s involvement in the future of the those aforementioned territories which face nowadays concerning challenges.


In this context, raising-awareness activities and an analysis activities as well as online ones will be implemented to prompt a debate among citizens living in rural areas and to collect opinions on the current issues and shaping a new action line regarding the EU policies in this matter.


Moreover, Observatory Groups will be created to analyse new approaches, experiences and best practices, involving local stakeholders.


In term of activities, the project will be made of 5 International Events (one online) including conferences, workshops, debates and informal activities.

9 online activities will be organized by each partner.

AGARE Presentation

Our Partners

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